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Kids’ Advocacy Place

Caring for today’s victims - preventing tomorrow’s abuse

Family CARES Kids' Advocacy Place


Kids' Advocacy Place (KAP) - A safe, child-friendly place where abused children can tell their stories during the initial stages of a child abuse investigation. They also receive guidance to specialized medical and therapeutic services that begin their recovery process from the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma that can sometimes be caused by abuse or e.  KAP was once an independent non-profit agency, but in September 2009, KAP merged with Hill Country CARES (HCC). Since then, the five Texas counties served in our target area have greatly benefitted from these two great non-profit agencies working together to assist families and children in crisis.


Kids' Advocacy Place (KAP) is a long-standing member of a growing number of Child Advocacy Centers in Texas.  We provide district attorneys, law enforcement investigators, and child protective agencies a child- friendly place in which to record abused children's outcry reports. Our Kerrville facility is designed to minimize the stress on any family in support of a child reporting abuse. Our website is designed to assist those who help abused children, and it educates our community about child abuse and explains how to recognize and report abuse. We also educate about the effects of abuse, and share strategies and insightful articles to help non-offending parents and caregivers provide the best possible care for abused children at home.